FACTS – Volume 1, issue 1

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Mobile laboratory to improve response to meningitis epidemics, Burkina Faso epidemic season 2004   
R. T. Ouedraogo, B.-M. Njanpop-Lafourcade, P. Jaillard, Y. Traoré, J. E. Mueller, J.-F. Aguilera, M. Dabal, S. R. Tiendrébéogo, W. Goehde, A. da Silva, B. D. Gessner, and P. Stoeckel
Page(s) 1-7
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  26 Nov 2008
When will community management conserve biodiversity? Evidence from Malawi   
Joy E. Hecht
Page(s) 9-17
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  03 Dec 2008
Children aged 12–59 months missed through the National Vitamin A Capsule Distribution Program in Bangladesh: findings of the Nutritional Surveillance Project   
N. Akhter, C. Witten, G. Stallkamp, V. Anderson, S. de Pee, and N. Haselow
Page(s) 19-25
Abstract   Full paper (PDF, 140 KB)   

  08 Dec 2008