FACTS – Volume 2, issue 1

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Urban agriculture: multi-dimensional tools for social development in poor neibourghoods   
E. Duchemin, F. Wegmuller, and A.-M. Legault
Page(s) 1-8
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  16 Jan 2009
Technical support by Solthis for health-care workers in order to decentralise medical treatment for people living with HIV in the Ségou region of Mali   
P. Teisseire, A. Akonde, C. Pizzocolo, S. Calmettes, N. Bodo, and L. Pizarro
Page(s) 9-17
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  16 Jan 2009
Health logistics is a profession: improving the performance of health in developing countries   
B. Silve
Page(s) 19-25
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  22 Jan 2009
Biogas production using water hyacinths to meet collective energy needs in a sahelian country   
O. Almoustapha, S. Kenfack, and J. Millogo-Rasolodimby
Page(s) 27-32
Abstract   Full paper (PDF, 2410 KB)   

  22 Jan 2009
WÉGOUBRI, the sahelian bocage: an integrate approach for environment preservation and social development in sahelian agriculture (Burkina Faso)   
H. Girard
Page(s) 33-39
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  27 Jan 2009
Living City: community mobilization to build active transport policies and programs in Santiago, Chile   
L. Sagaris
Page(s) 41-48
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  27 Jan 2009
Rice-fish farming in Guinée Forestière – outcome of a rural development project   
D. Simon and J. F. Benhamou
Page(s) 49-56
Abstract   Full paper (PDF, 897 KB)   

  02 Feb 2009
Drinking water: a need met for the people of the commune of Bantè, Benin   
T. R. Fousseni
Page(s) 57-62
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  04 Feb 2009
Using climate information in the health sector   
T. A. Ghebreyesus, Z. Tadesse, D. Jima, E. Bekele, A. Mihretie, Y. Y. Yihdego, T. Dinku, S. J. Connor, and D. P. Rogers
Page(s) 63-67
Abstract   Full paper (PDF, 68 KB)   

  09 Feb 2009
From research to field action: example of the fight against cholera in the Democratic Republic of Congo   
R. Piarroux, D. Bompangue, P.-Y. Oger, F. Haaser, A. Boinet, and T. Vandevelde
Page(s) 69-77
Abstract   Full paper (PDF, 3501 KB)   

  12 Feb 2009
Emergence of an environmental citizenship in Senegalese rural areas: local development initiatives by the Fannabara association in Missirah (Fatick, Senegal)   
M. Fall, M. N. Dimé, and C. O. Sarr
Page(s) 79-84
Abstract   Full paper (PDF, 363 KB)   

  13 Feb 2009
Access to microcredit for women living with, or vulnerable to, HIV in Haiti   
C. Longuet, J. L. Machuron, M. M. Deschamps, R. Sinior, E. Brignoli, J. W. Pape, and B. Miribel
Page(s) 85-91
Abstract   Full paper (PDF, 399 KB)   

  23 Feb 2009
Innovations in community physiotherapy   
M. Ellangovin
Page(s) 93-100
Abstract   Full paper (PDF, 8217 KB)   

  02 Mar 2009