Field. Actions Sci. Rep., 2, 57-62, 2009
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04 Feb 2009
Drinking water: a need met for the people of the commune of Bantè, Benin
T. R. Fousseni
Master's in socio-anthropology, Manager water supply projet, Zou/Collines programme, NGO RACINES, 273 Savalou, Benin

Abstract. RACINES (Recherches, Actions Communautaires, Initiatives pour un Nouvel ESpoir) is a Beninese non-governmental organization established in 1999 following the initiatives of young Beninese executives. A case study undertaken in 2003 in the villages of Galata and Agbon in the commune of Bantè identified the need for drinking water as the most urgent need. In response to this need, and with the financial support of Oxfam Québec, RACINES initiated a project for the installation of manual water pumps in the two villages. The development of this project involved three major phases: the mobilization of communities around this project, the installation of water pumps and the organization of socio-sanitary educational activities. Twenty months into the execution of the project, a local management committee was established and strengthened, a hand-operated water pump was installed and water-themed public awareness activities, such as water use, water sanitation and the dangers of drinking dirty or contaminated water, were organized every month or so in each of the two communities. Overall, this project has introduced a new type of leadership in the commune of Bantè, involving a high level of participation by young people working alongside the elders in the local management committees and ensuring the perpetuation of the systems installed.

Citation: Fousseni, T. R.: Drinking water: a need met for the people of the commune of Bantè, Benin, Field. Actions Sci. Rep., 2, 57-62, doi:10.5194/facts-2-57-2009, 2009.