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Volume 2, 2009 - Economy

Urban agriculture: multi-dimensional tools for social development in poor neibourghoods   
E. Duchemin, F. Wegmuller, and A.-M. Legault
Page(s) 1-8
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  16 Jan 2009
Biogas production using water hyacinths to meet collective energy needs in a sahelian country   
O. Almoustapha, S. Kenfack, and J. Millogo-Rasolodimby
Page(s) 27-32
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  22 Jan 2009
WÉGOUBRI, the sahelian bocage: an integrate approach for environment preservation and social development in sahelian agriculture (Burkina Faso)   
H. Girard
Page(s) 33-39
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  27 Jan 2009
Living City: community mobilization to build active transport policies and programs in Santiago, Chile   
L. Sagaris
Page(s) 41-48
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  27 Jan 2009
Rice-fish farming in Guinée Forestière – outcome of a rural development project   
D. Simon and J. F. Benhamou
Page(s) 49-56
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  02 Feb 2009
Drinking water: a need met for the people of the commune of Bantè, Benin   
T. R. Fousseni
Page(s) 57-62
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  04 Feb 2009
Emergence of an environmental citizenship in Senegalese rural areas: local development initiatives by the Fannabara association in Missirah (Fatick, Senegal)   
M. Fall, M. N. Dimé, and C. O. Sarr
Page(s) 79-84
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  13 Feb 2009